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How To Start VTU Business With N5,000 and Earn N30,000 Monthly


In this article, I will explain to you step by step on how to set up a successful VTU business. For those who do not know, the VTU business (also known as Virtual Top Up) is a business where by you act as a vendor and top up people airtime without them haven to buy a recharge card.
The well-known method of recharging your phone is by buying a scratch card or paper, loading the number into your sim with a USSD code.
The VTU way involves a vendor (YOU) digitally crediting the phone directly. There’s no hassles over card or USSD code. The customer will receive a direct alert telling him his phone has been recharged.
If you don’t have the funds and recourses to start your own VTU business, you can join VTU. It’s a multilevel marketing company in Nigeria that allows you to make some money when you do telecom transactions on their platform.
With VTU, you will also make more money when you refer other people to join.
The VTU way involves a vendor (YOU) digitally crediting the phone directly. There’s no hassles over card or USSD code. The customer will receive a direct alert telling him his phone has been recharged.
With VTU, you will also make more money when you refer other people to join.

How Profitable Is The VTU Business

In Nigeria today, there are over 150 million active sim cards. And the average sim card user recharges about N2000 per month. That is a whooping N260 billion spent on airtime nationwide in a month.
You can dispense for as low as N50 to as high as N1,000,000. You get 5% profit on all your VTU recharge. Hence, you are getting your slice of the N260 billion industry.

Key Players In The VTU Business

There are many medium to large scale enterprises into the Virtual Top Up business. Such as;
a. Presfeny Communications – Cement, Ikeja, Lagos.
b. Love World Limited – Four Corner, Ikom, Cross River.
c. Richvision Limited – Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos.
d. Feybay Solutions Provider – Ogba, Lagos Mainland, Lagos.
e. Ayokunle Enterprises Limited – Abere, Ede North, Osun.

Exciting Opportunities In The Vtu Business

For one to be very successful in the VTU business in Nigeria, one has to place one’s business location near a promising and lively area.
You can add your loyal customers to your social media platforms, especially Whatsapp. This will enable them be able to contact you online in case of emergency recharge.
As a VTU vendor, this is where you come in, you don’t have to stress. Traditional card vendors are going out of vogue and VTU is the in thing now.
Major telecommunication lines such as; MTN, GLO, Airtel and Etisalat are doing it now. Even banks such as GTB, UBA, and Zenith bank amongst others have their own VTU.
If situated in a good location where there are busy workers, you can be raking in six (6) figures in profit per month.
You can also create a team of distributors or resellers who will be making money on your behalf while you do other things.

Knowledge And Experience You May Need

In Nigeria, you do not need to learn much about the business. All you need to do aside learning about the steps online is taking a bit of apprenticeship, and attending the network carriers’ seminars about it. Also you may need to know a bit about data subscriptions and other subscription code.

Raw Materials Needed To Start The VTU Business

Here are the list of materials and tools you will need to start a good VTU business.
a. A shop; this will serve as the physical location of your business aside your social media accounts.
b. SIM cards from each network loaded with substantial amount of money.
c. 2 or more phones to house those sim cards.
d. A metal showcase; this is where you’ll display your other network related products that are for sale.
e. A metal security door; to secure your products after you close.

Technology Needed

A well-designed website is advised because it will make people know you are legitimate and might help attract online customers.
Aside that, a laptop and good phones is needed. In them, you can install the applications used by various networks for top up.

Location In Nigeria For Vtu Business

The commercial capitals of the country aside Lagos include, Ibadan, Abuja, and Port Harcourt etc. Hence these cities should be the preferred locations for your business.
Also, students are ferocious consumer of airtimes. They use it for data and calls. Hence having your shops near a school campus will be a huge boost.

Amount Of Funding Needed To Run The Business

There are various ways to start a VTU business. If you have a good phone and have acquired the needed SIMs, the amount you need to put into the business before you start making profit should be somewhere between 5,000 – 10,000 only.
You can get funding by getting loans from friends and relatives. Cooperative societies can also help out if you are lucky to be a member of a reasonable one.

Registration And Licensing

Not much registration is needed since this is a small to medium scale one man business. However, one will still need to register with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) if you want to grow bigger.
Follow the necessary procedures on network carriers’ web pages to know more about their terms and conditions before registering as their VTU vendor.

Packaging And Promotional Tips

A good word of mouth is the best way to promote this business. However, Facebook adverts targeted at people around your vicinity won’t be bad.
A WhatsApp page made up of your customers can also help keep you in their mind anytime they need emergency recharges.

Company Structure And Staffing

You can single handedly control the business or employ people under you as distributors and retailers. This people will help you make money while you are asleep. However, they have to be trustworthy and hardworking.

How to Start VTU Business in Nigeria with Just N5,000

Now you can see from the explanations and requirements above that its possible for you to start your own VTU businesses. But the problem is that it requires a lot of investment capital and human resource.
To start a VTU business successfully in Nigeria, you need a lot of consultation, licensing and paperwork. This takes so much time, money and energy. Most time, you may need to hire a consultant to help you with various steps of the process.
However, there is good news. You can start your own VTU business with just N5,000. It’s called “ VTU” The company has done all the hard work for you.
All you need to do, it to register, activate your account and start your business.


Soon enough, the issue of manual recharges will go out of vogue. And since the population of our country is ever increasing, you are bound to keep making money from the 5% profits in the VTU business as long as you stay creative with your approaches and stay in a busy urban hub.

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