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ICT as a Tool for Economic Sustainability


Every area of life or work/ business spheres hinge on tech or innovations to scale through tasks in an automated manner with ease, businesses or individuals uses ICT facilities to communicate to the world what they have done, the extent they have done and how it has impacted lives and boost the economy around individuals which contributes a quota to the sustenance of the Nigerian economy and the world at large, environment is not left out, environment contribute to the economic growth of any nation because all sort of lives duels in environment which coexist, perform business transactions, benefits from each other symbiotically, for instance, aqua habitat for fishes and other water lives are significance sources of income for humans, if the waters are contaminated with toxic wastes or chemicals. It will destroy the lives that are in the water which are sources of food and sources of money for humans.

At this juncture, tech innovations can be deployed to use and manage aquatic lives so as to preserve them for economic purpose. ICT facilities can be used to carry an in dept research to proffer solutions on how to treat the environment hygienically so as to suit any economic activities and boost profit.
Statestics of ICT Usage

ICT is used for so many purposes in developed and developing countries like Nigeria to make life very easy, it can be used in a whole lots of sectors such as health sector, financial sector, security control, conflict management, in education, in aviation, marketing, Customers Support Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), information sharing/ transmission, etc.

However, when the right information is transmitted properly via the right channels, individuals or corporate organizations would be willing to partner and support your vision and mission as well as seal a partnership deal that would promote mutual benefits of the two parties to proffer solutions to boost profits and support economic growth in Nigeria at large.

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