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Web hosting as we know is the act of making your websites to be visible to everyone (if possible) on the internet, though it might not be everyone that has access to the internet would view your websites but to a very large community depending on the niche of your website. Today I am going to discuss about the considerations you should make when preparing to push your websites to the internet space to be viewed by a huge number of people online, like I said before, it is based on the niche your website focuses on since everyone has their different needs when searching the internet to find resources using their computers or smartphones.

Things to lookout for when planning to publish your websites;
1. Speed: The advent of Solid State Drives (SSD) makes it possible for your website to be very fast though there are other factors that contribute to making your websites loads faster such as non-optimized images or graphics, too much lines of codes on your websites which can be collapse to few lines of codes but still perform the same functions, malwares can make your websites to load slowly, in general, if the website is note properly optimized, the website would experience slow loading, etc. The slow loading of your websites can make you to loose customers and potential payers because this is the main essence for you to consider starting up a blog or want to own a website that offers valuable products or services.

Solid State Drives (SSD) as mentioned above is a type of hard disk which is very fast because it does not have plates, sectors or other moving parts in the disk housing or its mechanism. The moving parts in the normal hard disk makes files to experience slow loads when the hard disk is loaded with a lot of files which makes the little assigned space to be densely populated and makes it difficult to access files by users from your websites due to speed constraint. Solid State Drives (SSD) as the name implies are produced using integrated circuits (ICs), they do not get damaged easily when they are mistakenly dropped on the floor or shakes caused by natural or artificial vibrations since there are no moving parts inside the Solid State Drives (SSD) units. The SSD is like a memory card that we have in our smartphones or digital cameras.

Remember the day your memory card from your smartphone or digital camera mistakenly slipped out of your hand and dropped on the tiled floor, did it get damaged? No! trust me, I can assure you that you are still using the memory card till date except it has expired or stolen or lost or gave it out to your family member or a friend. The SSD acts in similar manner by so doing your files does not easily get damaged thereby not leading to loss of data but increases productivity in the case of making your websites to load faster when users request for it on the internet. Users get piece off and close your website tab and move on to the next fast loading websites and probably would pay the website’s owner based on the user’s needs and you would have been the one to make that money but you missed it because of slow loading server that powers your websites, (please flee from such servers). uses Solid State Drives (SSD) to host your websites devoid of all the above stated speed degrading factors, a trial will convince you, right now they are running special promo in which you can harness the opportunity to sign up with cheap but premium Solid State Drives (SSD) websites hosting server and power your web applications with rest of mind.

2. Storage size: Always lookout for good server storage space that would accommodate your websites source files now and in the feature, consider the files types that you are going to upload to your server, it could be videos, images, audios and documents or even software(s) which also contributes to slow loading of your websites. Get a storage space that would accommodate any kind of files that you want to show the world, offers an unlimited web hosting storage on their server for you to get started, click here to get it while it last, please see the image below for more.
 Lajela Web Hosting

3. Bandwidth: This is a very critical factor when it comes to hosting your websites on any web host’s servers, please always consider this aspect as very critical because it is very important. How? Lets assume that your website accommodate thousands of quality contents that would always make all Tom and Dic to stop by and surf your blogs or websites, and you have positioned your blog or website image to experience traffic of three thousand (3,000) readers daily and suddenly your blog or website begins to experience downtime where users of your website or blog would always hit with “sorry you have reach the maximum bandwidth of your website, if you are not the owner, please contact the website administrator or the owner” dear website owner, your website would start experiencing what we call “reduction in traffic”, thereby making you to start losing readers (and you are also losing money too, remember that, money is in the list and content is king) gradually to your rivals. Please guard against such issue by going to if you want to always be at the top of the game in your business. has unlimited bandwidths for their subscribers, this means that, your blogs or websites would always be running without experiencing downtime due to exhausting bandwidth and you continue to stay afloat in your business while making your cool daily cash.

4. Other features to also consider are: Instant activation, unlimited email account, unlimited MySQL Database, unlimited adons domain, unlimited subdomains, unlimited FTP accounts, automatic installation of websites engines from your cPanel, you can pay monthly or yearly, you can pay anytime with any of your bank cards, premium support by the Lajela team members.

It is mandatory to always use a premium web hosting company to power your websites or web apps for the sustenance of your business career.

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